Student Success

In 2006 the Ontario conservative government began a proactive plan to address the high number of secondary school dropouts in the province. Besides changes to the curriculum and other administrative changes, one of the most grass roots changes was the creation of the "Student Success Program". Each secondary school in Ontario is granted one teacher who is designated as the "Student Success" teacher or liaison.

The Student Success Teacher​

The student success teacher is responsible for a variety of initiatives that are aimed at engaging students who might be considered "at-risk" of not successfully completing a secondary school program. All of these initiatives are to address the areas in which comprehensive intervention is needed to promote student achievement. These areas include:

  • Increased contact with parents to develop real strategies and student accountability for learning
  • Comprehensive monitoring of student attendance and absences
  • Monitoring student progress through homework, assessments, and discussions with the classroom teacher
  • Mentoring at-risk students
  • Advocating for at-risk students and parents within the school community
  • Leading a success team of professionals who will be meeting regularly to develop action plans for students at risk
  • Being available to assist and advise students with daily or extraordinary issues

At-Risk Students...

So why are they at-risk? An "at-risk" student is one who has been identified by their grade eight teacher, principal, or parent as a student who might exhibit some of the key indicators associated with poor performance in secondary school. Some of these indicators may include:

  • Poor attendance
  • Achieving level 1 or below in any subject area
  • Poor attitude towards learning i.e. homework, studying, organization
  • Behaviour issues which may lead to difficulty in high school

Students who are "at-risk" are students who would otherwise not receive any additional support in the school. "At-risk" students are students who have not been identified as having a learning exceptionality and therefore would not normally receive any support from the Student Services department. By being on the "at-risk" list, these students have the opportunity to receive support and advocacy that would not normally be available to them.

Goals of the Success Program...

The goal of the student success program is to remove students from the at-risk list and monitor their secondary successes. In order to do this the student will demonstrate that they have:

  • Successfully made the transition into secondary school
  • Maintained satisfactory attendance
  • Pass or are passing all of their credits
  • Had little or no contact with areas of discipline in the school

Being removed from the list does not mean that the student loses any of the support that was available to them. If the student has demonstrated that they have benefited from the success program and are operating at a projected level of success then they will be moved from the "at-risk" list to a "success" list. The success list means that the student will still have all the privileges of an at-risk student but that the responsibility will be on the student to seek assistance. Ideally we would like to see all of the at-risk students become success students by the end of grade nine.

Welcome to the Success of our Students...

As the success teacher at Regina Mundi Catholic College, I look forward to working with these students to ensure that every one of them has the support that they need in order to successfully navigate their way through high school and achieve their diploma on time. As the student success teacher, and advocate for the students, I will be responsible as first contact for most of the concerns and issues related to your child's education, which means that students and parents might want to contact the student success office with their concern and together we can bring it to the appropriate office.

Finally, it is our hope that the transition from elementary to secondary will be a smooth and successful transition and that each student will find their place on the road to a successful experience here at RMC.​

Contacting Student Success
Telephone: 519.660.2797
Voicemail: ext. 23098
Office: ext. 30466