Student Services

 "In the family, everything that enables us to grow, to mature, and to live is given to each of us. We cannot grow by ourselves, we cannot journey on our own, in isolation; rather, we journey and grow in a community, in a family" (Pope Francis The Church of Mercy 33).​

Student Services at Regina Mundi encompasses a wide range of supports as we strive for the development of the whole person. We are committed to supporting spiritual well-being,academic excellence, and emotional and social development.   

The Learning Services Department is designed to offer educational assistance and other supports to students whose academic pathway includes an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Currently staffed by four full-time teachers and 13 educational assistants, the department addresses student learning exceptionalities in two distinct ways:

(1) The School to Community Pathways Program offers students the opportunity to participate in an inclusive academic and social environment. A recent renovation to the program space provided an Independent Learning Classroom (ILC), a facility that is equipped for teaching life skills and emphasizing literacy and numeracy acquisition. In addition, students successfully integrate into a variety of classes such as Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts as well as Health & Physical Education and courses in the Business and Religion departments. Senior students also participate in co-operative education experiences to learn valuable skills for the workplace.  

(2) The Resource Room offers primarily academic support with the opportunity for students to access more one-to-one instruction as needed. Common accommodations for students with IEPs are extra time, assistive technology, alternative assessments, and an environment with fewer distractions. Students, in consultation with their Resource and classroom teachers, may also arrange to write final exams and culminating assignments in the Resource Room.

The development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) occurs through an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) process. School teams in both elementary and secondary connect with families to discuss and assess student learning needs and to proceed with the identification of learning exceptionalities when appropriate.

The Learning Services Department works diligently to ensure that all students with learning exceptionalities receive the support and encouragement they need to benefit from a healthy academic and social environment. Students are encouraged in the pursuit of spiritual, personal, and academic excellence and celebrated as they reach their goals.