Scholarships and Bursaries

Bursaries are sums of money awarded to students based on financial need and other predetermined criteria, such as community involvement. Students applying for bursaries must provide information about their own and their family's financial situation.

Scholarships are sums of money awarded to students based on predetermined criteria. Some scholarships are automatically given to students who achieve a specific post-secondary entrance average. Other scholarships require an application which often requires students to comment on topics such as their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, community service, culture, faith and career plans. Students are encouraged to carefully consider the criteria for each individual scholarship to determine their eligibility.

Students interested in obtaining bursaries or scholarships should ensure they are aware of what is offered by RMC. Every year exceptional students apply for Academic Awards at RMC. The purpose of these awards is to celebrate the outstanding students among us. Students are asked to define why they should be considered for individual awards, many of them sponsored by our community partners, and many of them providing financial aid which is valuable to our graduating students. 

Most colleges and universities have scholarships available for their students. In order to be eligible for these, students must apply and accept an offer of admission at these institutions. Information about college and university specific scholarships can be found on the individual websites. Colleges and universities also have financial aid offices as well. Students should contact these offices to get information on all their financial aid opportunities.

Some places of employment offer scholarships for the children of their employees. Students and parents should ask their employers about scholarship programs and application procedures.​​

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (O.S.A.P.) is a student loan program offered by the Ontario government. Students must apply for O.S.A.P., provide detailed information about their own and their family's financial situation, and ultimately pay back the money they are loaned. For more information on O.S.A.P., visit their website at​


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