Social Worker

"This joy is born from knowing that with him we are never alone, even at difficult moments."
(Pope Francis The Church of Mercy 77) ​

Social work services are offered by Michelle Cooper at Regina Mundi two and a half days per week and referrals are initiated by staff on the Student Success School Team. Students are also able to request appointments to access individual counselling as well as referral and consultation services with various community and mental health agencies.
Mrs. Barrette is a key component of the Student Success Team and provides students and families in our Family of Schools with valuable support and information.
As part of broader and ongoing mental health and well-being initiatives in all school boards in Ontario, the Ministry of Education recently announced a new initiative for secondary schools involving the inclusion of mental health curriculum in all classrooms. There are some important reasons to bring this curriculum into the classroom.
  • it opens conversations, and it offers valuable learning experiences and an opportunity for dialogue and deeper understanding.
  • Student voice across the province indicates that students want mental health content included in the classroom.
  • Providing mental health information can help remove barriers for students in need of support.
  • As the impact of the pandemic continues to evolve, providing opportunities for explicit skill development is an essential part of bolstering positive student mental health.
MH LIT: Student Mental Health in Action is a series of four lessons that will be provided for use with secondary students, focusing on building their understanding of mental health and mental illness, signs of mental health problems, how to care for their mental health and well-being, and how/where to access help for themselves and their friends, when needed.
For further information for parents/caregivers and families on practical resources to support student mental health during COVID-19, please visit School Mental Health Ontario at 
If you are concerns about your youth's mental health, please contact the school to further support you and your youth.