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Many of the photos/videos displayed on this website are pre-COVID and therefore the reasoning behind no masks being worn in the photos/videos.
School Cash Online

School Cash Online

School Cash Online is an easy to use and safe way to pay for your children’s school fees, such as the yearbook.
PRIVIT - Interschool Sports Registration

PRIVIT® - Interschool Sports Registration

Focused on the health and safety of individuals participating in organized activities or sports, PRIVIT® has transformed the paper process used for collecting personal health information from individuals prior to participation.
RMC School Uniform Policy

RMC School Uniform Policy

Regina Mundi Catholic College encourages a sense of faith, fosters the development of the individual, and promotes the value of living in a Catholic community that is both a caring and safe environment. As members of this community, families and students enter into a partnership that includes school and Board policies for the school uniform.