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To start using the text service,text CONNECT to 686868.    Our texting service is free and available across Canada 24/7.

Reach Out 24/7

What is Reach Out?

Reach Out is a bilingual 24/7 information, support and crisis service for people with mental health or addiction concerns living in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex or London.  It is a free public service, run by trusted local community mental health and addiction organizations, that quickly provides you with the help that you need.

Why connect with Reach Out?

There are many reasons why you might call Reach Out. Some of these reasons may be:

  • Crisis intervention including access to a crisis response team
  • Emotional trauma, distress or relapse
  • Thoughts of suicide or harming self or others
  • Access to community supports and addiction treatment
  • Substance use, gaming, Internet disorder and problem gambling
  • General information about mental health and addictions
  • All calls are answered by trained mental health and addiction workers, backed by a database of local and provincial service information.

You can expect a supportive, caring professional who is very knowledgeable about mental health and addictions concerns to answer the phone. With a single phone call, you can receive crisis support, a supportive listener, information and education, or access to a mental health or addictions professional.

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Text Us  Need help or support now?       Text 519-433-2023

Texting is something many of us do to communicate with our friends and family. But sometimes we need extra support and to talk to someone else about what we are going through. With the Reach Out text option, you can chat with a trained mental health and addictions worker for support at any time.


What happens when I text?

To start using the texting service, text 519-433-2023 from your cellphone or a VOIP app. When you text the number you will receive a welcome text as well as a series of prompts that will connect you with a mental health worker. These questions need to be answered in order for the text chat to connect.

You do not need to provide your name, however your number will be visible.

If you are in crisis and are unable to connect to Reach Out, please call 9-1-1.

Mind Your Mind
Reach Out


You cannot smoke or vape in any public or private school’s:

  • indoor space
  • outdoor grounds, including playgrounds and sports fields
  • public areas within 20 metres of the school’s grounds

Tobacco & Vapour Products - The Law

No smoking and no vaping dual sign

Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017

The Act is enforced by Tobacco Enforcement Officers who conduct inspections of public places and workplaces to ensure compliance, respond to complaints about offences, and lay charges when necessary. If convicted of smoking or vaping where it is not allowed, you may be charged with an offence and subject to a set fine of $400 up to a maximum of $5,000.1 2

For information about the SFOA, 2017, please refer to the resources below:

The new SFOA, 2017 regulates the sale, supply, use, display, and promotion of tobacco and vapour products (e.g., vapes, e-cigarettes, and e-substances), and the smoking and vaping of cannabis.

You cannot smoke or vape in any enclosed workplace, any enclosed public place, and other places designated as smoke-free and vape-free.1

Check out the website for great resources and educational links:
An Antiracist Reading List for Teens
Black History Month
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Help Yourself Through Hard Times is a guide to basic needs services for London and Middlesex County. It lists services that provide assistance to individuals and families on limited incomes during times of financial hardship. The booklet is updated once a year, and is available for download, or in print form from the City of London or at many social service locations in London.
Visit our website for a complete listing of community and social services

Community Resource Centres

Community resource centres provide community access to a wide variety of health and social services to people of all ages.

mindyourmind exists in the space where mental health, wellness, engagement and technology meet. We work with community partners and young people aged 14 to 29 to co-create interactive tools and innovative resources to build capacity and resilience.


LMHU Secondary School Toolkit: Reducing Substance UseSecondary School Toolkit: Reducing Substance Use

Download the Secondary School Toolkit: Reducing Substance Use - Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Alcohol, Cannabis, Illicit Drugs (PDF) and find strategies to reduce substance use among youth. Strategies target multiple levels of influence including students’ and parents’ attitudes and knowledge, classroom and school level social and physical environments as well as school policies.

mindyourmind publishes:,

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and drug use affects many Canadians. Where can you turn for help?

There are many resources and sources of support available. You are not alone. In this section, you’ll find information about Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, alcohol and energy drinks, marijuana, prescription drugs, tobacco and much more.

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